Why you should switch to a MEDICAL GRADE, mineral sunscreen now

Whether you live in one of the sun-soaked states across the U.S. or if warm weather is just arriving where you are, now that things are opening up again, chances are you’re lining up summer getaways and can’t wait to soak up the sun, stat.

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How Massages Can Help Your Skin

Many massage therapists have recommended that people get massages to help relieve stress and tension for many years. And recently, there have been many skin care experts, including myself, promoting the same idea.

This is because when you add massages on top of your skincare routine, it can produce the best results for your skin in various ways.

Exfoliation & Improved Circulation

When your body is being rubbed down, it can also act as an exfoliation by reducing the chance of dead skin cells building up on your body before your next skincare exfoliation.

At the same time, being massaged can also significantly improve your circulation, causing more blood and oxygen to travel to your skin.

Both of these can have your skin feeling less puffy and more smooth, as well as give your complexion more of a healthy glow. 

Moisturize & Anti-Aging 

Massages make creams, oils, and skincare products easier to absorb into your skin. This is perfect for not only making sure your skin is getting moisturized, but it can also help make sure your skin can get the care it needs from your skincare.

Remember how we mentioned massages could help increase the blood flow in your skin? Well, that can lead to another great benefit, anti-aging!

The combination of increased blood flow, released tension and relaxation, and building up the skin’s resistance to infections or diseases, can significantly help prevent your skin from getting fine lines or wrinkles, especially if you do facial massages.

These sound like great benefits to us, and who doesn’t love a massage? Get one now on top of your skincare routine, and you will not only feel amazing, but your skin will too!

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